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Our  Vision 

To Teach The Word (Educated Church) The “Head” (Mind) Of God

  • We are a “cutting edge” ministry exemplifying excellence, innovation and technology.
  • We are a bible training center, providing Christian education for all ages.
  • We are a church of believers grounded in present truth, thereby creating an atmosphere charged with faith, joy, and expectation.

To Reach The World (Evangelistic Church) The “Heart Of God”

  • We are a community based church with a world-wide impact.
  • We are a resource center meeting the spiritual and natural needs of our community.
  • We are an outreach and evangelism center – reaching the lost beyond all ethnic and economic barriers with the word and works of Jesus Christ.

To Train The Workers (End-Times Church) “The Hands Of God”

  • Developing and deploying of worshipers, workers, and spiritual warriors.
  • Providing hands on opportunities for ministry and spiritual development.
  • Preparing believers to fulfill the great commission and reap the end-time harvest of souls.

Our  Mission

The Living Word Mission
“To Save Souls, Change Lives, Strengthen Families, and Transform Communities, by the Word of God.”

The Living Word “Battle Cry”

By divine Inspiration

We expect great Manifestation
Of the power, provision and presence of God:
By prophetic proclamation
And anointed presentation we will conquer, and be
More than Conquerors as we
Terrorize the enemy and drive him from our community.
This is our destiny!

Our Pastor

About Us


Jeff Haygood was born again in May 1979. In 1987 Jeff Haygood began his public ministry. The Lord filled him with the Holy Spirit and entrusted to him the gifts of the spirit. He is a profound teacher of scripture and biblical principles, and an able minister of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Jeff Haygood is an honors graduate of the Judah Bible Institute (Columbus, Ohio). This man of God has served the church as a youth pastor and national evangelist, spreading the word of God throughout our nation. He is a much sought after revivalist, bible teacher, conference and motivational speaker. He is an anointed and gifted preacher, teacher, prophetic psalmist, and writer. This man of God has traveled across the globe (Africa, Europe, Middle East) delivering a message of hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, and healing to the hurting. He is a voice of reform to the Church, and reconciliation to the world.


In May 1996, Pastor Haygood founded the Living Word Church of Columbus, Ohio. He is under divine mandate to teach the people of God how to lead and live successful lives by the word. Living Word is a thriving, growing, Spirit led, uniquely anointed, word saturated, mission minded body of believers.

Jeff Haygood is a man after the heart of God. He is being used mightily throughout our nation to train and encourage leaders while strengthening local churches. He gives direct pastoral oversight to several churches in the U.S. and abroad. His ministry and teachings will not only challenge you, they will change your life.