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Get Plugged In


One of our ministry goals is to get each member plugged into the serving community of Living Word Church. We grow as a Christian community based on the collective membership contributing to the overall health of the church. Below you will find some of the areas where you may have an interest in serving. Please take a moment to consider how you can serve. We are excited about getting you “plugged in”!

Lady Chelly Haygood

Greeters Ministry – Leader Chelly Haygood

         Greeters play a very important role at LWC. A
greeter is the first person our members and guests encounter upon entering the
church. A warm smile, hearty greeting, and enthusiastic welcome are the tools
our greeters use to express God’s love to every person who enters the doors of


Ushers Ministry – Leader Elder James Lovejoy

Ushers have a dual responsibility at LWC. First, the ushers promote order in the sanctuary. The simple service of directing people to the appropriate seat helps the sanctuary to maintain balance. The usher not only promotes order, they also have the responsibility of keeping order. Our all-male usher teams are trained to attend to any potential distraction or disruption.



    Ben and Cathy

    Champions (Children’s Ministry) – Leaders Ben & Cathy Cox

             Caring for the little ones in our ministry is a valued service to the congregation. Parents can worship and learn because our dedicated children’s ministry volunteers can be entrusted with the care of their precious little ones. Our Champion’s ministry serves families of children ages 6 weeks – 8 years of age. A background check is required.

    •       Nursery: 6w – 2y (Live streaming of service available)
    •      Toddlers: 3y – 5y (actively looking for volunteers)
    •      Youth: 6y – 8y (actively looking for volunteers)



    Sister Paula Sessions

    Hospitality Ministry – Paula Sessions

    • Multiple times throughout the year our hospitality team is engaged in service excellence. The role includes setup and prep whenever we have guest ministers, any food services for an onsite event (friends & family, NYE, church cookout, etc.) and the occasional off-site event that is hosted by Living Word Church
    • Knowledge of food safety standards/ food service experience is preferred but not required to support this ministry.  We welcome any and every one with a heart to serve!



    Todd and Aaron

    Multi-Media Ministry – Leaders Todd Hutchinson & Aaron Ziglar

             The Multi-media Ministry is a team of dedicated individuals focused on producing and delivering high-quality, engaging content through multiple mediums. We develop audio, video, and graphic content for our church’s website and social media channels to further our mission of saving souls and transforming our community.  We also help create sermon slides and worship visuals for our weekly services. Our goal is to provide exciting, meaningful content to keep our congregation connected and engaged. This is an area that requires training and/or requisite skill. It encompasses multiple functions including but not limited to:

    • Camera Operations
    • Virtual Stream Monitoring
    • Internal and External Communications
    • Live Video Presentation (works closely with Audio Engineer)
    • Video editing
    • Photography
    • IT infrastructure and technical support



    Photo Coming Soon

    Audio Engineering Ministry – Leader Frank Stokes

    Audio Engineers play a vital role in setting the tone of our weekly services.  We strive to provide an accessible, high-quality listening experience for everyone whether they are attending church in-person or virtually. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of sound, signal processing, studio setup, and more. This is an area that requires training and/or requisite skill; however, we also provide hands-on training with professional-level equipment to ensure you’re ready for ministry.  Our Audio Engineers primarily:

    • Monitor, adjust, and oversee all audio services for live events and productions
    • Provide support to Praise Team for weekly rehearsals
    • Maintain and Troubleshoot audio hardware and software
    • Set-up audio equipment for special events and on-site meetings
    • Provide sound support to pastor for external speaking engagements (when applicable)



    Brother Anthony Scott

    Praise & Worship Ministry – Leader Anthony Scott


    • One of the most wonderful aspects of Christian culture is praising and worshipping our God. This ministry requires requisite skill as well as a high level of commitment. Additionally, because this role requires that a person functions in a highly visible capacity, great care must be placed upon our lifestyle example. This area of ministry should be reserved for those who sense a calling and have a willingness to commit at the highest level.
    • Interview & Audition Required




    Security Ministry – Leader Trent McMurray

    LWC has a dedicated security team. Our team is trained to spot security risks and mitigate them immediately! Each member of this team will be examined for temperament and the necessary skill required to provide physical security for the congregation. In addition, our security team is involved in making sure the outer perimeter of our church is safe and secure. This includes the implementation of additional security measures such as lighting and surveillance equipment.



    Brother Bobby Lovejoy

    Community Outreach Ministry – Leader Bobby Lovejoy

    • Homeless Shelter Outreach: we prepare breakfast for the men at “Faith on Eighth” one Saturday each month (usually every 2nd Saturday). One of our brothers will share a brief word of encouragement and offer salvation and prayer
    • Campaign for Christ: each spring and summer LWC launches a community campaign to introduce our community to our Christ. We team up, go door to door, inviting our neighbors to know our Christ and attend our church. This is a wonderful opportunity to share our faith.
    • Adopt a School Program: we have adopted our local elementary school (East 6th Elementary). Several times during the school year LWC provides valued service to the students and parents. We prepare dinner for Parent/Teacher conferences, donate school supplies, and rally together outside the school on the first day to welcome all of the students. We also make ourselves available to parents for prayer if requested.




    Grounds/Facilities – Leader Elder James Lovejoy


    •           They say you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Our grounds crew is critical in our ability to make a good lasting first impression!  Grounds keeping and facilities maintenance at LWC involves taking care of the outdoor area and ensuring it is kept in a neat, clean, and presentable condition. This includes mowing and trimming the grass, fertilizing, weeding, pruning trees and shrubs, and general landscaping. It also includes the upkeep of sidewalks and parking lots and the maintenance of any outdoor and indoor fixtures such as lights, outlets, and minor appliances.  Our facilities staff also vacuums, mops, and disinfects all common areas such as the sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, offices, and bathrooms.  It is important to keep both the grounds and facilities clean and free of debris, litter and other hazardous materials that may distract our members and guest from receiving the word that God has for them.



    Mother Winnie Headshot 2

    Housekeeping – Leader Winona White


    • LWC housekeeping is an essential part of keeping LWC clean and presentable for members and guests.  We rely on their attention to detail to ensure that everyone who enters our church can worship and fellowship in comfort.  Our housekeeping staff is responsible for maintaining the appearance of the church, including cleaning, dusting, and organizing.  In addition to assisting our Hospitality team with setting up and taking down items for special events. Our housekeeping staff and volunteers provides the highest quality of service while ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.


    Steve and Paula Dark Background

    Membership Ambassadors – Leaders Steve & Paula Sessions


    • Church Membership Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about building and maintaining relationships with church members. They strive to create a sense of belonging and community by connecting members with ministry opportunities and getting to know them on a more personal level. They are responsible for creating welcoming environments and helping new members feel at home. They may be involved in organizing special events, helping to create and implement membership programs, and encouraging members to get involved in the life of the church. They are the face of the church and strive to make sure that everyone feels included and valued.




    Intercessory Prayer- Leader Paula Mayes


    • Calling all prayer warriors! Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference through prayer? Join our Intercessory Prayer team and become a powerful force for change. Our prayer teams are committed to praying for the world and helping to bring peace and healing to those who need it. Our intercessory prayer and daily prayer calls provide a safe, supportive environment where we leverage the power of corporate prayer to change lives, strengthen families, and transform communities.  




    Ministry of the Arts/ Creative Expression – Leader Catherine Ziglar


    • As the church grows and strives to reach more people, it is important to recognize the need for creative, passionate, and innovative ministries. We are excited to announce the launch of a new ministry here at LWC.  Our Ministry of Arts/ Creative Expression is a great opportunity for those who love God and are eager to express their faith through artistic and innovative means. This new ministry will be a place for creative individuals to come together and use their gifts and talents to bring glory to God. Forms of creative expression may include:
    • Dance
    • Mime
    • Skits and/or Plays
    • Spoken Word and/or Poetry
    • Painting/drawing
    • Other
    • Note: While we support freedom of speech, all things must be done in decency and in order. Creative expressions will be subject to review to ensure expressions are consistent with the word of God and the Mission of Living Word Church!