Jeff Haygood was born again in May 1979. In 1987 Jeff Haygood began his public ministry. The Lord filled him with the Holy Spirit and entrusted to him the gifts of the spirit. He is a profound teacher of scripture and biblical principles, and an able minister of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Jeff Haygood is an honors graduate of the Judah Bible Institute (Columbus, Ohio). This man of God has served the church as a youth pastor and national evangelist, spreading the word of God throughout our nation. He is a much sought after revivalist, bible teacher, conference and motivational speaker. He is an anointed and gifted preacher, teacher, prophetic psalmist, and writer. This man of God has traveled across the globe (Africa, Europe, Middle East) delivering a message of hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, and healing to the hurting. He is a voice of reform to the Church, and reconciliation to the world.

In May 1996, Pastor Haygood founded the Living Word Church of Columbus, Ohio. He is under divine mandate to teach the people of God how to lead and live successful lives by the word. Living Word is a thriving, growing, Spirit led, uniquely anointed, word saturated, mission minded body of believers.

Jeff Haygood is a man after the heart of God. He is being used mightily throughout our nation to train and encourage leaders while strengthening local churches. He gives direct pastoral oversight to several churches in the U.S. and abroad. His ministry and teachings will not only challenge you, they will change your life.


20 Years of Thankfullness

I am thankful for every minute that God has given me grace to lead His people, and pastor Living Word Church.

We did not begin this journey thinking in terms of where it would take us over the next twenty years, nevertheless, we are overjoyed to have an opportunity to serve our magnificent GOD and HIS wonderful people for over two decades.

I am thankful that my wonderful wife, Chelly, has stood beside me, behind me and before me every minute of the journey. She has been and is a fruitful vine, a true yokefellow, and a ministry and life partner. I am thankful for her prayers, her advice, her insight and her wisdom.  She has never once complained that I give too much of my time to ministry. She has built her life around my life which is built around our life together in Christ. I am also thankful for children that serve alongside me in ministry.

I am grateful for those who serve with us in ministry. It is the tireless effort and sincere sacrifices of the servants of The Lord that make ministry enjoyable, fruitful and memorable. I absolutely love co-laboring with them.

I am thankful for our past. Our humble beginnings in a storefront on the east side of Columbus, Ohio have become a foundation stone for the many awesome things we have done together. We were blessed to purchase the former St. Paul United Methodist Church and the surrounding land in 2003. We have renovated, updated, retro-fitted and transformed this building over the years. We have seen many souls saved, recommitted to Christ, and delivered from diverse afflictions. We have given school supplies to over 10,000 students; served over 5,000 meals to the homeless community, we have extended the breadth of our Church to provide ongoing ministry to a women’s transitional living facility, a half-way house for men, and a facility for sex trafficking victims. We are making disciples!

I am thankful for our future. Our vision is taking shape. It is coming into focus. I am simultaneously grateful for the past, thankful for the present, and enthusiastic about the future of Living Word Church.  It will not be long before we are worshipping our God and serving our generation from a new facility. The plan is coming together, the disciples are taking their respective places, sacrifices are being made, and hands are applied to the plow. There is no looking back! With The Holy Spirit leading the way, and great people like you by my side, there is no limit to what we can accomplish in ministry and for the Kingdom of God in the future!

Jeff Haygood, Pastor

Living Word Church

Service Times

Sunday Morning
8:00am - 9:15am
Sunday Morning
10:00am - 12:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study
7:00pm - 8:15pm

Contact Information

3007 E. 6th Ave.

Columbus, OH 43219

Phone # 614-235-9355